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Lonely economy! China's single adult population has more than 200 million pets, and they become a lonely group


China has a single adult population of more than 200 million. The Chinese Valentine's Day is coming soon. At this time of the year, there are many large-scale pictures of dog abuse. According to the data of the Ministry of civil affairs, in 2018, the number of single adults in China exceeded 200 million, and the number of single adults exceeded 77 million. Has being single become a "new fashion"?
With the increasing number of single people, the lonely economy has also risen, giving birth to a group of friends singing KTV, Momo app, Sipu Sipu hotpot, capsule hotel
With the continuous expansion of the scale of China's solitary population, small families have become the main force of consumption, and the consumption structure has changed. The consumption habits of residents are becoming more and more personalized, private, pleasant and convenient. And convenience stores, mini KTV, one person restaurant are just to meet the needs of lonely consumption.
Alibaba's "China empty nest youth atlas" released in 2017 also shows that China's "empty nest youth" group has exceeded half a billion, and the lonely population is mostly distributed in high paid occupations, among which finance, Internet it and education are in the top three, which shows that most lonely people have high consumption ability.
According to the statistical data of "analysis report on market prospect and investment strategic planning of China's pet industry" released by the prospective industry research institute, the market scale of China's pet industry in 2013 was only 49.4 billion yuan, and by 2018, the market scale of China's pet industry had grown to 172.2 billion yuan, an increase of 248.58% compared with 2013. According to the current growth momentum, prospective predicted that the market scale of China's pet industry in 2023 would be It reached about 472.3 billion yuan.
According to the 2018 white paper on China's pet industry released by dog people.com, the prosperity of pet cities is also in direct proportion to cities with large population distribution. Pets have become good companions for the lonely.
In addition, mini KTV is also a "good medicine" for single people to relieve loneliness. All over the corner of the shopping mall, the mini KTV has a closed space. No matter how you cry and howl alone, no one laughs at you, no one cuts off your songs, and no one can enjoy the k-song.