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How does Samo check if it's pure?


1, color
The color of Samoyed dog is pure white; white with light brown, cheese color; the whole is light brown. In addition, other colors are disqualified. Samo is not black. There has been a grey white Samo in the world. He has admitted that he is the atavist Samo with pure Samoye gene. So far, no "black Samo" has been certified.
2, five senses
The eyes are clear and sunken, in the shape of almond. Nose color is black, cool and moist nose is the guarantee of dog's health. The lips are black, and the corners of the lips are raised as if they were smiling at any time. Because it's Samoye's signature smile.
3. Origin
We should be familiar with the Samo standard and know more about what is good and what is bad. Then: first, look at the parents, second, look at their own quality, head: the mouth length accounts for 40% of the head, the orbit is apricot, the color should be deep, the eye distance is slightly open, the outer corner of the eye refers to like the ear root, isosceles triangle ears, the ears are sharp, thin and round, the ears are thick, but many Samos only stand up in three months; lip line, nose, eye socket are black, teeth are cut and occluded.
4, skeleton
To see the walking and trotting gait, we need to have a solid gait. At this time, we need to see the structure and angle of the front and rear legs, and whether the forefoot has an outer eight. The scapula and the upper arm bone" target="_blank">bone are nearly equal, with an included angle of 90 degrees. The claws are rabbit claws (some people call snowshoes), not round. The front bowl bone and the lower arm bone also have an included angle of more than 10 degrees, not more than 15 degrees.
5. Gross weight
Is the undercoat rich. Hair color: the puppy may be all white. Behind the ear root, forehead and body, there are some light brown hair colors called shadow. It will turn white after 4 or 5 months. The hair quality is more important than the hair quantity. If you grasp it and loosen it, the hair will be recovered as soon as it sprays out (it is said that the fiber quality is excellent).