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How to solve the problem of dog picking food


With the increasing number of pets now, many parents of novice dogs will face a headache, that is, the problem of dog picky food. In fact, pet owners, like children, will face a variety of situations. Parents of novice dogs need to learn how to solve the problem of dog picky food. Dogs, like children, are a big problem. When this situation occurs, how to solve it? Let's learn about the root causes and methods of solving the dog's pickiness. In order to avoid the problem of dog picking food, we should train the dog to form a stable eating habit since childhood. Many people think that the dog can not only grind his teeth, but also make the dog eat happily. But mummies should be aware that chicken bone" target="_blank">bones are not suitable for dogs to eat. The structure of chicken bone is hollow bone, unlike solid pig bone or ox bone, which will become granular after being bitten.
The broken chicken bone is like a sharp blade. It may be scratched or even pierced when swallowed into the dog's gastrointestinal tract. When the dog's gastrointestinal bleeding, will produce bloody stool, diarrhea, vomiting symptoms, in serious cases need to be taken out of surgery, especially small dogs, especially to pay special attention. It's better to give it snacks than love! Do you want snacks? Doctors have different opinions. Some doctors think that if dogs get enough nutrition, they don't need to buy extra snacks for dogs. Some doctors think that proper snacks can help build up the relationship between the owner and dogs, which is harmless. According to the suggestions of comprehensive professional doctors, parents can pay attention to the following principles when choosing snacks: 1. Pay attention to the ingredients and appearance of snacks, whether there are excessive pigments or additives, and whether there are too bright and unnatural colors on the appearance. 2. Don't let dogs form the habit of having snacks every day. 3. A good time to give snacks is when they do something you are happy with. Let them know that you can reward them for doing something, and let them know that you are the one who can decide whether you can reward them for their snacks. 4. Excessive snacks may cause dog obesity. When the dog and cat start to lose shape, we should pay attention to whether the snacks should be reduced. 5. When the dog doesn't eat, don't replace the dinner with snacks. It is suggested that the frequency of meals should be four times a day, three times a day for three to eight months, and two times a day for more than eight months. If you don't want your dog to be only interested in delicious food, you should let your dog take feed as the main food for dinner when you are young. When you eat, you should let your dog develop the habit of focusing on eating. If you don't finish eating within 30 minutes, you should put away the feed and wait until the next dinner. Don't let your dog develop the bad habit of eating as soon as you want, not waiting for a meeting and eating as well Accustomed to.

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