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Nursing methods of elderly pet dog


As the sun sets on human beings, pets will also change from Naughty and lovely family life to slow-moving old people. At this time, pets like to live comfortably, should not force the elderly pet dogs to do things, should have compassion for their behavior, and help the lovers who have brought us joy and faithfulness for the rest of their lives.
I. performance of pet aging
Some animals will lose their hearing gradually. The fur appears thin and dry, the body weakens and the muscles atrophy, and the liquid between joints starts to dry out, causing discomfort. The lens of eyeball becomes turbid and slightly grayish blue. The fur around the mouth, nose and ears turns white or yellow.
II. Pet special care
1. Pet feeding: the change of exercise amount will change the digestion and absorption capacity of intestines, the filtration and function of liver and kidney. Attention should be paid to reduce the hardness of food, supplement calcium, iron, vitamins and other microelements in an appropriate amount, and change food of different tastes. Note: Pets are forbidden to eat food that is not digestible, so as to ensure the supply of clear water.
2. Pet brushing: if possible, please brush your pet's teeth to reduce the invasion of bacteria caused by gums.
3. Pet eye care: often use excessive mucus of wet cotton, and clean the skin around the eyes.
4. Pet ear care: regularly check inner ear canal and ear wax.
5. Pet joint care: joint pain is a common problem of elderly pets. If they can't exercise regularly, they can massage their muscles or stretch and bend their limbs joints gently when they rest.
6. Pet euthanasia: if aging has made the pet unable to live comfortably, you and your family members should consider making this difficult choice under the advice of the veterinarian in order not to make him suffer. Euthanasia is painless, and it can go to sleep safely only by injecting an overdose of anesthetics.