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Dog classification:
First of all, dogs are divided into several categories, with different standards in different countries. Here I use British standards. Dogs are divided into working dogs, viewing dogs, single hounds, group hounds, shepherd dogs, more dogs.
Working dogs are generally smart, well trained and highly obedient. It has practical value.
Viewing dogs are generally pretty, but they have no brains, are difficult to train, and have poor obedience, but they are very close to their owners.
Single hounds are generally very smart, energetic and active. Training is OK and obedience is strong. Most of them are pretty.
Group hounds are generally very smart, very energetic, very active and greedy. Can't train (although smart, but poor self-discipline). It's very close to the owner, but I don't listen to the order when I go out. Most of them are beautiful,
Sheepdog, very intelligent, very energetic, mostly can be trained, obedience is very strong. Very attached to the master.
More dogs, very smart, easy to move, like to dig holes. No training, poor obedience. It's not very personal.
In general, there are exceptions. The following is the introduction of common varieties.
Scottish shepherd dog; mostly gentle and can be trained. Listen to the host very much. Take out not to cause trouble, two years ago by the dog market blindly high prices. Now it's down. It's time to buy. The disadvantage is that I can't watch my family.
Happy sheepdog; timid, very intelligent, can be trained. Don't like people other than the host. Will watch the house. Like to cry.
Old English Sheepdog; gentle and easy to train. It's very good for anyone. I don't make trouble when I go out. I can adapt to it everywhere. No housekeeping.
German Shepherd: misunderstood dog! Stable character, very good training. Very attached to the host. I can do everything for my master. Go out without causing any trouble (if it's a pure dog, and often go out) and watch the house.